Daan Snels is a Dutch 2D animator and Motion Designer with a passion for illustration. Daan started his career with an all-round design internship with his father, where he was introduced to illustration and animation. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Communication & Multimedia Design, he had the freedom to do what he loves most.

Now Daan works from his studio in Breda, The Netherlands. He thinks animation should be playful and interesting at all times, that’s why he’s always looking for visually appealing images using vibrant colors and simple shapes.

If you’re interested in working together, have an idea you’d like to chat about or just want to say hi – feel free to send a message to daan@studiosnels.com

Clients include Land Life, Snapchat, Hermès, Haglofs, Rabobank, Van Gogh Monuments, Visit Brabant, Twee Brouwers, Avans

Agency’s include Kiblind, Parallel Studio, Baked, Jagthund, Tomas Concept+Creation, Buro Barabas, Heilder