Van Gogh Monuments

Van Gogh Sites foundation will offer NFTs starting in September 2022. These NFTs are an initiative of, Van Gogh Brabant and Tomas Concept + Creation. The NFTs are linked to the Van Gogh Monuments of Brabant. They raise awareness of the heritage in Asia and provide a new source of funding for its preservation. With this, the buyer becomes the owner of a unique digital object and thus supports the Van Gogh heritage.

With my father as project manager and initiator and art-director of the project, it makes it extra nice to be able to contribute to this. A composite team of mostly Brabant creators completes the project.

This work is a visual contribution to the communication around the NFTs, with the above film being used as an introduction during the launch event in Hong Kong. The film is also used as a leader for testimonials. In addition, the style of the film was carried through to title screens and lower thirds.

Date July 2022


Agency Tomas Concept + Creation

Art Direction Tomas Snels

Animation Daan Snels

Special Thanks Emily Cheung