Hermès – Tea for Two

For the iconic and essential Hermès accessory, Jonathan Burton designed a superheroine who needs her tea. With inserting a token, the infernal machine starts up. It will drive the mechanical parts and operates like a clockwork.

Last December, I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Parallel Studio on an animation project for Hermès with very pleasant art direction by Hugo Leick. Working on this project has been an absolute experience, putting my animation skills to the test, showcasing the versatility of my animation skills and allowing me to tackle various challenges.

We embarked on the task of bringing to life the captivating illustrations by Jonathan Burton. With the guidance of Hugo’s great art direction, we were able to achieve animations that matched the artistic style of the illustrations. Collaborating with the Parallel Studio team and working on a project for a brand like Hermès was truly inspiring.

Throughout this project, I had the chance to put my After Effects skills to the test. From crafting custom rigs to utilize rigging tools and even incorporating elements of traditional animation using Photoshop. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be a part of this versatile animation project.

Date: January 2023

Client: Hermès

Agency: Orès

Animation Studio: Parallel Studio

Illustration: Jonathan Burton

Art Direction: Hugo Leick

Production Manager: Antonia Poux

Animation: Hugo Leick, Romane Tisseau, Pauline Guerrier, Angsane Sallaud, Daan Snels

– Selected bits

Fully customizable rig, using one layer to adjust roundness or depth, for example.