Land Life

Land Life is a technology and science-driven nature restoration company that plants trees at scale, offering corporations and organizations a sustainable and transparent way to take climate action and rebuild resilient and healthy ecosystems.

Working on Land Life’s brand story was both enjoyable and challenging. The goal was to showcase Land Life’s unique technology and scientific expertise in reforestation to big companies’ sustainability teams and other audiences to differentiate ourselves from the competition.

The challenge was to showcase the impact of Land Life’s scientific expertise accurately while keeping the animations fun and uncomplicated. In the end, this was achieved by combining animation with video-footage to show Land Life’s years of experience.

Date: April 2023

Client: Land Life

Direction: Guillem Galobardes

Script: Kat Milligan

Video Edit: Jessica Liu

Motion Design: Daan Snels

Sound Design: Jessica Liu

– Concept

– Visual Development

– Animation Process